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Car Parking

East Parking lot remodeling is going to ensure better service, safety and comfort for those visiting us. 191 spaces with designated areas for better organization and automated payment system.

Location and Rates:

Parking P12023-07-13T20:59:26-06:00

Exclusive for:

  • Rent a car tenants
  • Transportation tenants
  • Handicap according to law 7600.
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Exclusive for:

  • Hotel Shuttle
  • Minibuses
  • Rent a car Shuttles
  • Buses

Car Park for offsite commercial partners. For tariff information please contact CORIPORT Commercial Department

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Spaces available for personal cars:

  • By hour_________$1.5
  • By day__________$30
  • By week_________$150
  • By month________$400 (+ $5 for any additional day)
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Parking P52023-07-13T21:07:47-06:00
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