Any person who carries equal or greater than $10,000 in cash or its equivalent in another currency or in articles must declare it to the customs officer. Otherwise, your belongings will be confiscated according to the 8204-law article # 35.

Where should I go if I get items confiscated other than luggage?

If the retention is made at the Daniel Oduber Quirós International Airport, the officer will inform you in which Customs Warehouse the goods will be transferred. To withdraw it, the interested party must present the voucher at the time of the retention and pay the corresponding taxes. Art. 377 RLGA.

Departing Costa Rica

  • International flights: It is recommended to arrive three hours before the time indicated for the departure.
  • Domestic flights: It is recommended to arrive 1 hour before the time indicated for the departure.
  • Make sure you have a valid passport.
  • Verify that the departure tax is already included in the price of the ticket. Otherwise, you can pay the corresponding US $29,00 at Banco de Costa Rica office located at the Airport lobby
  • Each airline has specific guidelines regarding dimensions, allowable weights and amount of luggage per passenger. Verify directly with your airline for further assistance regarding your concern.
  • Once your flight is checked, you will go to the departure migration inspection counter. There you will present your passport and boarding pass.
  • At the security checkpoint you will be asked to scan the carry-on baggage. When going through the inspection, you should remove any metallic items, coins, keys, watches and electronic devices that you carry with you. These will be scanned through x-ray machine, as well as the passenger.
  • After passing the security filters, you can locate the corresponding boarding room assigned to your flight.

Arriving to Costa Rica

  • While in the plane, you will receive the customs procedure form. This must be completed.
  • Follow the signs towards the migration area.
  • A migration officer will review your passport and give you the authorization to enter Costa Rica.
  • After the migration checkpoint, there is the Baggage claim area. Each carousel has a screen that indicates the corresponding flight number.
  • In the baggage claim area you will find the counters for car rentals.
  • Going through the customs control your luggage and the declaration form will be checked.
  • Upon leaving the lobby you will find an offer of services such as private transportation, shops, money exchange and the official red taxis.
Customs - Guanacaste Airport
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