Popularly known as Pampa Guanacaste. It is well known for its fertile lands for agriculture and livestock production. The famous sabaneros are people dedicated to work the lands, riding horses and keeping alive the customs and traditions of the area. The main pampa towns are Liberia, Filadelfia and Santa Cruz.
Liberia “the White City” is the capital of Guanacaste. It is an important point of connection and facilities in growth. Daniel Oduber Quirós International Airport is located in Liberia, the capital city of Guanacaste. The city itself has emblematic places for the enjoyment of tourists as colonial structures, streets that still preserve the essence of the past and it is close from places of great tourist attractions such as beaches and volcanoes.
Santa Cruz “the city of Costa Rican folklore”. Pre-Columbian history, music, dance, gastronomy and colorful festivities can be enjoyed in Santa Cruz. Close from downtown, there is a little place called Guaitil, known for the handmade Chorotega pottery.
Filadelfia, located on the shore of the Tempisque River. Highly productive area with great tourist attraction for its proximity to the Gulf of Papagayo, where some of the most beautiful beaches in the area are located; as well as Palo Verde National Park. The Guanacastecan flatlands are important agriculture production fields for rice, sugarcane and corn, among others. Everything represents an important boost to the national economy and it is considered high quality export products. In order to enjoy the rural tourism you have to live the Guanacaste country experience on the field. These can be enjoyed on horseback riding, making cheese, clay pottery or bull fighting activities.


Costa Rica Flatlands - Guanacaste Airport
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