Guanacaste has more than 70 beaches waiting for you. Its 125 miles of coastline washed by the Pacific Ocean form lush beaches for everyone’s enjoyment and rest.

The variety of Guanacaste beaches is as much as that  its PEOPLE or its FOOD, here you can find White and black sand beaches and even beaches formed by millions of shells.

Guanacaste’s beaches are enjoyable for activities such as Surfing, Diving, Snorkeling, soccer, kayak and even volleyball. Or if you want to have a closer connection with nature there are beaches where you can camp, respecting the connection with nature.

Most beaches in Guanacaste have white sands and dense vegetation. Some of the most popular places are the following:

  • Samara Bay: Located on the south coast of Guanacaste, it harbors coral reefs and calm waters. The bay is made of the following beaches: Ostional, Sámara, Nosara, Carrillo and Guiones. Each beach has its particular charm for diverse tastes, from surfers to yoga and meditation centers.
  • Tamarindo Beach: It is such an ideal beach for surfers. A small town enriched by the variety of nationalities that converge there. Popularly known as “Tama” is the most active nightlife beach town. Nearby you will find other majestic beaches for your entertainment such as Flamingo, Conchal, Potrero, Avellanas and Playa Grande, which belongs to Ballenas National Marine Park.
  • Papagayo Gulf: It shelters dozens of virgin beaches, paradisiacal landscapes and exuberant tropical vegetation. It has a wide hotel offer. Among its main attractions you can find Playa Hermosa, Panama, Ocotal
  • Junquillal Beach: Located in the town of La Cruz. It belongs to Junquillal Wildlife Refuge. It is ideal for camping; it is in direct contact between sea and forest.
  • Nicoya Peninsula: To the south of the Nicoya Peninsula there is a wide variety of beaches of incredible attractiveness. Its infrastructure does not have mega hotel projects, but it is a more organic lifestyle, accompanied by the natural beauties found in Malpaís, Tambor, Santa Teresa and Montezuma, just to mention a few.

That is why the beaches of Guanacaste give you millions of excuses to land directly in GUANACASTE AIRPORT where you will be minutes away from enjoying the sea and its magical sunsets facing the sea.

Costa Rica Beaches - Guanacaste Airport
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