Visit Guanacaste

Visit Guanacaste

These are the airlines that offer non-stop services to Guanacaste

Flying from Toronto to Guanacaste

Air Canada
West Jet

Guanacaste is located at the North Pacific side of Costa Rica. There are countless reasons to visit, but just to give one, Costa Rica holds 6.5% of the world’s biodiversity and 3.5% of the universal marine, all found in this wonderful land.

The variety of Guanacaste beaches is as much as that its PEOPLE or its FOOD. Here you can find white and black sand beaches and even beaches formed by millions of pieces of shells.

For example, you could witness the majesty of life by watching thousands of turtles arriving to spawn at OSTIONAL LIFE REFUGE, while, there are free red parrots and toucans flying in the sky. And the next day you could take a walk to the treetops in the MONTEVERDE CLOUD FOREST.

A coffee stop is a must! Coffee is one of our national simbols and Costa Rica is known as one of best coffee producers in the world. In Guanacaste, you could get your coffee as you like: American, Cappuccino, Cold brew or the traditional “chorreado” style.

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