Guanacaste is the cradle of customs and traditions. Here the most delicious recipes are cooked over low heat that will delight your palate and fill your soul with its homemade flavor because in Guanacaste we cooked with love.

Some of the traditional dishes that you have to try if you visit Guanacaste are the Chorreadas, pujagua corn atoll or papaya hash.

You also have to try our coffee, since Costa Rica is worldwide recognized as one of the main coffee producers in the world.  In Guanacaste you can try this delicious drink as you like as American, Cappuccino, Cold brew style or the traditional chorreado housemade coffee.

Do not forget to try the delicacies extracted directly from Guanacaste´s beach such as seafood and fish. And you will always always have fresh fruit to taste at all times.

Arriving at GUANACASTE AIRPORT with its responsible ecological terminal is landing directly at our kitchen´s heart.

Gastronomía de Costa Rica - Guanacaste Aeropuerto
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